We all know, We have been taught to respect others, Be obedient, If elders are suggesting something they they will not guide you wrong. Yes! It’s right till we balance these things with our own understandings. The moment we start realising, There is a Conflict in others opinions and Our own, Problem Begins.

And that time is the main phase where you can make it or get yourself miserable between others thoughts and your own.

One always has to open about what they feel. There should be always healthy conversation between you and others which comes up giving something new to learn each others without the intention of putting eachother down.

We says society is not wrong. Just that you have to be wise enough to get what good for you and reject what not good for you.

People only appreciate those who help themselves and make ownself happy. If you do so other will come to you to take advises from you.

Here in HappyMind we make you understand how you have to be realistic to not fear from society but love society!

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